Motivational Interviewing for Leaders:
MI-Lead One Day Training Event


Date:  June 1, 2018, 8:30 am-5 pm

Location:  Symphony Beach Lane, Apollo Beach, FL 33572

Audience:  Organizational Leaders, Supervisors, Managers, Healthcare Administrators

Cost: $395


  Learn To:   

• Use motivational interviewing to improve servant leader and change management skills
• Increase your team’s collaboration, commitment, and creativity
• Effectively manage difficult conversations
• Enhance team productivity through effective communication
• Retain your investment in valuable employees

 Training provided by MI-Lead authors and program developers Dr. Elizabeth Jenkins,

Dr. Brian Kersh, and Mr. Jason Wilcox.  Motivational Interviewing for Leaders: MI-Lead (2017).

To register:

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  • Duration and content of trainings are tailored to meet the specific needs of your participants. 

  • Our standard one day workshop introduces participants to the core concepts of MI-Lead. 

    • Participants can expect to learn how to

      1. effectively use Open Ended Questions, Affirmations, Reflections, Summaries

      2. understand the Spirit of MI

      3. recognize concepts including the Righting Reflex, Change Talk, Sustain Talk, and Discord

      4. use basic strategies for Engaging, Focusing, Evoking, and Planning

      5. facilitate goal setting

      6. consider ethical implications in MI-Lead

  • Learning modalities include didactics, experiential learning through modeling, role play, and practice with feedback. 

  • Additional coaching and feedback is recommended in order to fully develop and sustain skills learned.

Coming Soon! 

MI-LEAD Interactive Training Program:  This is a new MI-Lead training accessory that makes continued learning fun.  Participants can immediately begin learning MI-Lead concepts through a game that encourages teamwork combined with fun competition in a supportive, learning environment.



As leaders, the first step to working successfully with our employees is developing trust, by communicating a genuine interest in the values, concerns, and goals of the supervisee and communicating a desire for collaboration.



A transformational or servant leader works to find a shared agenda with his supervisee, recognizing that an employee that works towards a goal that he or she personally values is an employee that will experience a sense of ownership and responsibility for the outcome of that goal.



A successful leader elicits from an employee his thoughts about wanting to engage in the targeted behavior, his sense that he can successfully engage in that behavior, and what his own reasons may be for engaging in the behavior or change.