Schedule an MI-LEAD training event today and learn to: 

  • Use active listening skills

  • Express empathy

  • Partner with team members

  • Find a shared agenda

  • Avoid the righting reflex

  • Give feedback effectively

  • Evoke change talk

  • Successfully plan and re-evaluate outcomes

Using MI-LEAD, leaders can:

  • Increase team member engagement

  • Identify common goals

  • Enhance motivation

  • Support autonomy

  • Encourage collaboration

  • Increase the likelihood of needed change

  • Navigate difficult conversations

Are communication, buy-in, commitment, collaboration, and creativity essential to your team's success?

  • MI-LEAD may be right for you! 

Senior, mid, and lower level leaders, supervisors, and managers can

  • Learn about and support team members' individual values, goals, and needs

  • Clarify leadership and organizational values and expectations

  • Support and encourage accountability

  • Become effective communicators

  • Inspire and support team members to reach their full potential

  • Retain talented employees and indirectly improve the bottom line

  • Lead effectively through change